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Cut the Cr@p! Transparency is the Future of Modern Video Campaigns

Transparency is the winning formula for successful modern video campaigns. We shouldn’t be trying to imitate other businesses just because they have been judged as successful. As if to think by copying their videos and business plans that we too will be able to enjoy equal success. We are all suffering from copycat syndrome. Trying to make our businesses look like Apple or Amazon when we are working from a small office in our local areas. Stop pretending, stop being inauthentic and start being more honest and relatable in your videos.

You need to start thinking about making yourselves seem reliable and trustworthy. Be consistent throughout your videos. It will help to reinforce your position in the marketplace, attracting better quality customers with higher retention rates as you will appear more authentic.

Continue staying true to your brand’s voice and tone- don’t try and make a funny video if you aren’t a funny brand. Keep it relatable and on track. Don’t try and give the customers what you think they want to see, show them what you can actually provide them. In doing so you are being as transparent as possible, making your consumers like you even more.

Try and make yourself accessible. Be available to your customers and allow them to interact with your videos and your business. Customers often have questions, if you don’t have videos that answer these queries or if you don’t respond in a timely matter, you may start to lose credibility.

Keep your content conversational and avoid industry jargon. You want your videos to seem personal. If you start to try to look overly professional or try to mimic bigger companies your audience maybe put off. Ensure your videos are kept to a reasonable length, don’t make them too long or else people may stop watching them. Keep it short and simple and don’t overcomplicate anything!

Honesty shows you care about your customers and their needs, and your willingness to help them get the results they’re looking to achieve. Be as truthful in your videos as you can be which will attract the right kind of customers to you. You’ll be able to provide the service they really need rather than promising things you cannot really deliver.

Video marketing is fast becoming one of the world’s favourite mediums of advertising, it is easily digestible and is now frequently impacting purchasing decisions. So with video marketing set to rise once again in 2019, speak to us at The Video Club to get a video that’ll be most effective for you.

Don’t try to be the next Steve Jobs, be something better!

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