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Managing Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital media and technology is no longer new, yet we still see huge developments in how businesses communicate across the different platforms to their target audience. This only confirms the continued importance of digital transformation, not just the world of marketing but also across all elements of business including finance, strategy, operations… the list goes on, yet only 1 in 10 businesses have a plan or programme in place to move them into the digital environment.

As part of our ongoing dedication to marketing, here at Smart Insights we create a yearly research report to review digital transformation progression within marketing. Let’s take a look at the key findings.

Does your company have the right capabilities in place?

It’s not always clear just how vast the task of digital transformation could be, we recommend rating the different areas of capabilities by their current effectiveness, this way you can clearly map out where the gaps are. Interesting to see our research suggests that the majority of businesses rate themselves at the lower adaptation stages and 35% have no plans to even implement a transformation programme. For everyone out there who feel they might be stalling and behind, this could be a refreshing insight to see that only 10% actually have a plan in place.

 Integrating digital transformation into your marketing strategy

Shockingly 40% of businesses asked don’t have a marketing strategy, yet they are doing digital marketing! Over the four years we have been researching adoption of planning, we have found the percentage of businesses without a planned approach has remained similar, suggesting there are significant barriers to integrating planning in organizations.

This is an interesting prospect as we truly believe that to get the best outcome for digital transformation following a structured, planned approach that links into your overall marketing strategy is key.

What digital marketing channels should you invest in

Choosing the right digital marketing platform can be very much about a test and learn strategy to find the one that works for your business. To get an idea of where our members believe their most commercially valuable areas are, we asked the question. As you might expect the highest areas were both content marketing and organic search, with 34% of the people asked believed these were the most effective. This suggests that not a lot has changed, however, the most valuable observation could be the new entry of artificial intelligence. An area to continue to keep an eye on.

Continued monitoring and optimization - Who does it?

Optimization is an ongoing requirement, right? Maybe not. It has always been a benefit of digital marketing that you can monitor and continuously optimize, as part of our research we took a look into this to understand what the reality of ‘always on’ marketing is.

Interestingly we found figures lower than initially expected. Surprisingly only 14% of businesses have a continued optimization strategy for SEO, with social media coming in a close second at 13%. On the flip side of this 28% of businesses have no optimization for mobile, one of the most growing browsing devices.

If digital transformation is on your agenda or if you’re already on the road to implementation then it’s safe to say whatever stage in the process you’re in you won’t be the only one!  

More information on Smart Insights or access the full report here.

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