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Insert Advertising - The Power of Print + Insert Advertising Campaigns in the Marketing Mix

Insert Advertising remains a unique platform for showcasing products and services. Why? Because print is tangible, has impact, gets response and is remembered. Designers and marketers have many opportunities to be creative, which allows inserts to stand out from the product they are placed into, by using a variety of options, such as size, shape, paper, finishing, paginations (up to 96pp in our titles), scented ink or samples.

Inserts offer the dual benefit of branding and direct response at a relatively low cost. They have high visibility and impact, and often outlive the media they are delivered with, because they can be removed and kept for a dedicated read at a later date; shared around the household, or passed on to friends, family and colleagues.

Trust is high on the agenda right now and, when readers choose to buy a newspaper, the advertiser has a dedicated audience. Newsbrands command a high level of attention, which drives a powerful response. It is true that newspapers may not be performing as strongly as they have in the past, but what they do still offer is huge reach and consumer trust. Last year, for instance, we sold 540 million newspapers and, across five of our print sites, we inserted 375 million commercial inserts and 80 million magazines. Marketers cannot downplay this medium as part of the marketing mix and, as data protection rules tighten, it offers you the opportunity to reach a new audience without handling data.

Targeting by location for national or regional campaigns is easy. For new store openings, events or bespoke messaging, inserts can drive footfall online and in store - every day of the week. Promo codes, coupons, QR codes and personalised URLs or contact numbers create a link between print and digital; this traditional platform is no longer static, but an opportunity to create a two-way dialogue.

One of the biggest misconceptions about print and insert advertising is the lead time. For example, upon receipt of print-ready artwork, your insert can be printed, inserted and in the hands of the consumer within 48-72 hours. With six UK-based print sites this can reduce not only lead time and delivery costs, but also the risks associated with deliveries, as the insert can be printed and inserted at a single location.

Print’s Charming and, when combined with an Insert Advertising Campaign, it’s proven to drive response.

More information about Reach Printing Services can be found on the website, Images or further information can be requested.

Reach Printing Services Limited (RPS) is the manufacturing arm of Reach plc, (formerly known as Trinity Mirror plc) the largest news publisher in the UK. With print sites, conveniently located throughout the UK, RPS offers print solutions for internal and contract clients - around a 50/50 split. Internal clients include national and regional titles, including the Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Manchester Evening News, OK! and South Wales Echo. Contract clients include a mixture of independent publishers, retailers, brands, councils, universities and businesses.

For further information contact:
Tia Dickenson Business Development Executive & Marketing Manager
01923 815073