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April 6 & 7 2022

LA Convention Center

3 Tips to Grow a Successful B2B Business

Here at B2B Marketing Expo HQ, as you can imagine we LOVE B2B Marketing! Luckily for us the B2B Industry continues to grow tremendously year after year, and there is always new and exciting technologies for us to discover and insightful ideas and inspiration coming to light. And because we like to share, you can expect to hear tons of the latest industry insights, news, and latest developments from us regarding The B2B Marketing Expo that will be launched in California later this year.

We are privileged to be able to learn from the 1000’s of expert speakers, industry bodies and businesses that we work with- so to start with here’s three great tips that we have complied to help you grow a successful B2B business.

1. Have the mindset of a consultant NOT a seller

Do you know what the difference is between a consultant and a seller? A salesman could be considered someone that tells a buyer what they need in order for the salesman to make a profit, while a consultant helps businesses obtain goals and solve problems based on expertise. A consultant is someone that is an educator, they provide thought leadership in marketing, and they help their clients decide on the best option for them in a collaborative way. If you currently run a marketing business and you’re looking to do business with other like-minded companies, then the good news is that The B2B Marketing Expo California offers lot’s of consultative opportunities. Attend as a visitor and take advantage of the 100’s of FREE consultation sessions taking place in order to achieve your marketing goals OR if you fancy offering and delivering consultations yourself then exhibiting might be the right opportunity for you!

2. Know your customer

Do you know who your customers are or is this something you find difficult when conducting business? Not knowing who your customers are can be very costly in terms of money and will ultimately be a waste of time if you don’t know who your target market is.  It is very important to make sure you know your ideal customer because you will be able to relate to their challenges and help them solve problems with services they need. Developing an effective Marketing Persona is an essential foundation to any marketing strategy you implement in the future- thankfully there is one person in particular we know who can help with this; the fabulous Ardath Albee. You can catch her delivering a KeyNote Seminar Session on how content marketing can effectively impact buyers decisions at The B2B Marketing Expo California.

3. Get face to face with prospects

Do you think it’s important to have more face to face interactions while building your business? We would say that it’s not just important it’s essential! Meeting with your potential clients/customers in person could give you an advantage because your competitors are trying to close sales over the phone or by email. BUT most importantly face to face interactions remind your prospect that you are human and that they are human. There is no better way to create a personalized message than to do so face to face, shake their hand, and look them in their eyes! Even better a chat coffee or even a cheeky glass of wine helps to maintain a personal relationship with your clients which your competitors cannot compete with. There is plenty of technology out today that support/facilitate meetups between entrepreneurs, fantastic for when geographic and time zone challenges restrict your ability to meet in person, however nothing beats a face to face. And who wouldn’t like to avoid the technical difficulties of finding people online or downloading the latest video conferencing app two minutes before your scheduled call right!! If you attend The B2B Marketing Expo in California our two day event will give you access over 250 seminar sessions, 200 educational workshops and 300 suppliers you are also very welcome to invite guests along. Colleagues, prospects, or other connections- The event is the perfect place for business meetings and the opportunity to check out the latest marketing tech developments and what your competitors are up to.

If you would like to exhibit at The B2B Marketing Expo in California on October 2-3, 2019, at the Los Angeles Convention Center please contact the Event Director Paul Allen on Paul.Allen@prysmgroup.com or 702.707.7627 - extension 6007. Click here to register for your FREE tickets and get more information on our two day event!