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The 5-Do’s and 5-Don’ts for the Promotional Products Industry

 Here is a must-have list for all purchases of promotional products whether you are a beginner or have years of experience:

  1. PLAN AHEAD. Make sure you give yourself enough time to search out the right item(s) and to purchase and produce them in time for your event. No rush production or rush shipping charges then.

  2. TRUST THE ONES THAT KNOW.  Make sure you are working with a promotional products specialist. They will be there to cover your back and help choose the best products for your event needs.

  3. KNOW YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC.  Are you going to an event with or for children?  You will want an item that children will use and that parents will remember. Maybe an LED flashlight with a clip for backpacks. Children will love this and parents will remember.

  4. BUY ITEMS THAT ARE USED DAILY.  There is a reason that pens are a popular item for handouts. They get used a lot!  If it is a nice quality pen, the client will always keep it, use it and remember where it came from. The idea is to keep your Name/Brand/Logo in front of the client for as long as possible.  Calendars are another great way to do this.

  5. BUY IN BULK.   Do you have 2-3 events coming up with the same message or theme?  Buy enough for all 2-3 events so you get bulk quantity price breaks and save yourself time and your company some money.

Here is the list of DONT’S to keep you on track for a great promotional event:

  1. DON’T GUESS.   Make sure you are choosing the correct item for your event. It will give you the best ROI results. Your promotional products professional should be able to point you in the right direction to avoid a bad choice for your needs.

  2. DON’T OVERTHINK IT.   Remember to KISS- Keep It Simple Silly. Make sure your items fit your needs, fit your message and fit the theme of the event and/or clients you are attempting to find.

  3. DON’T FORGET, KNOW YOUR MESSAGE.  Make sure you know the message you are wanting to express to the receiver of your promotional product. A bank handing out rulers to potential clients does not make sense unless the slogan is “Does your bank measure up?”

  4. DON’T BE CHEAP.  There are good items out there that won’t break the bank. Sometimes there are knock-offs of an item that just do not have the same quality as the higher priced item.  You want your potential clients to get quality items. Then they will remember you and your company in a high-quality way.

  5. DON’T FORGET YOUR BRAND STANDARDS.  Make sure the logo and message meet your company’s guidelines for usage. Make sure the item chosen represents you and your company in the right light.

Do what it takes to make a winning promotion. DON’T rush into any decisions that can hurt your promotion or even your career. The more prepared you are for these situations the easier your job will be. You will be less stressed and enjoy the entire process.

I hope the above tips will help you in choosing the right products for your promotion.

~ Joe T.


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