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April 6 & 7 2022

LA Convention Center

Top 10 Reasons To Attend The B2B Marketing Expo

We are incredibly excited for everyone coming to The B2B Marketing Expo; an event action-packed with incredible exhibitors, partners, speakers, masterclasses, product launches, panel debates, innovation awards and much more. For anyone still unsure why this event is a must-attend, have a look at this Top 10 List as to why ambitious marketers are taking advantage of coming to this event:

1) AMAZING KeyNote Speaker Line-up

Learn about what you may have been missing in the ever-changing marketing world and get insights from speakers from Microsoft, IBM, Forrester, Google, PwC, Nike and more. What could be more insightful than getting in-person knowledge from industry leaders themselves? If you register for tickets ahead of time, you will have access to the showguide before the show, which gives you the option of planning which speakers you’d like to see.

2) There will be over 300 exhibitors who can demonstrate and showcase the latest technologies and services to transform your business

Options are important, and at this event there will be hundreds to find. See what kind of up-and-coming businesses are exhibiting at this show and see what new marketing services and products they have been innovating for the marketing world. Just imagine how much your business model can be enhanced when you take a look at what these amazing exhibitors have to offer.

3) There will be over 200 FREE educational masterclass sessions

Ever feel like you’re always behind on the latest tech? Take a masterclass session! You can learn from the experts hands-on and understand how to implement the latest technology and strategies in your own profession. Stay up-to-date on how technology evolves to help service your business and marketing endeavors.

4) Tickets for this year are completely Free

There is no cost for a ticket. No money to be spent on attending. No hidden fees or obligations. Many trade show events offer tickets for a price, sometimes a hefty one, but the B2B Marketing Expo isn’t charging anyone anything to get their ticket. It’s a once in a lifetime chance for someone looking to jumpstart their marketing efforts!

5) Unlike other US events - FREE tickets give you access to everything

The entire agenda, all speaker sessions, and all stages are completely open once you’ve gotten your ticket. A perfect way to take advantage of this all-access ticket once you’ve registered is to plan your visit so you can come to see all the exhibitors, speakers, seminars, and masterclass sessions that interest you to get the most that this event has to offer you.

6) Be the first to witness, try and test the latest products, before your competitors

What could be better than being able to see the latest stuff? You’ll be getting the experience of seeing what no one else has seen and get a sense of the direction marketing is heading. The latest products are waiting to be used to give businesses an edge, so don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

7) One stop shop for market research, develop your knowledge and keep ahead of market trends

Don’t waste your time trying to go from location to location to learn snippets of the newest solutions, trends, and marketing knowledge. Planning for one trip is much more feasible than having to plan for several for the same quality you’re looking for. The B2B Marketing Expo has everything you need under one roof!

8) Connect and network with over 10,000 like-minded peers

This is an event where businesses and professionals can actually congregate in-person and get that face-to-face interaction. In the digital age, in-person meetings and getting that personal touch can be hard, which is why events like these are the perfect opportunity to step out your door and shake a few hands.

9) Discover the products, services and solutions that are forming the future of this ever-evolving industry

There are plenty of issues that businesses face in the ever-changing world of marketing, and you will be able to discover plenty of products, services, and solutions to make your business overcome any and all marketing obstacles you may face. Learn about the latest innovations in digital marketing, AI marketing, SEO and web design, and all other marketing efforts that you’re looking to develop.

10) Increase your own influencer power

You can meet with powerful influencers and leading organizations in the marketing sector. Have you ever wanted to get in touch with companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, SocialChain, and Nike? Here’s your chance! This event is meant for you to get that face-to-face experience with industry giants and top marketing experts.