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How to Build Brand Awareness and Market Intelligence

Marketing has evolved over the years, but the core goals remain the same – to study, manage, and exchange relationships with customers, whether existing or new, always with an eye to future innovation. Traditional marketing channels have had to evolve with the customer journey through new digital components and big data research and analysis. 

When considering a consumer’s journey, corporations need a perspective of the market that runs deeper than ever before. Today, corporations must form a holistic view of the market through business intelligence in order to present themselves as a thought leader. Then the brand must address digital channels that continuously evolve. This all-encompassing strategy toward market success can be elusive for corporations of any size without the right partner.

Brand Building Today
Modern customers are sophisticated and demanding, with high expectations from the brands with which they form relationships. These high-level expectations demand more than just a good website, or a fun app. Today’s brand needs to offer content that speaks to their value, establish trust with the reader, and turn them into a customer with a cohesive, compelling story. Considering that the average American consumer spends 11 hours per day consuming media, the brand message needs to be frequent as well.

The marketing strategies of the past were brand marketing and performance marketing, each with different goals. Brand marketing was designed to create an emotional attachment with customers, while performance marketing drove conversion through incentive-based promotions. Today, all marketing channels are both brand and performance-driven thanks to advanced technology that blurs the line between content, brand, and commerce. Take an Instagram feed for example, which offers brands the opportunity to connect with customers and make sales through this content if the strategy is right.

Measurable Success
Investing in a marketing strategy means that you must measure returns, and the big data movement has solidified that concept. Most marketing professionals need to prove ROI, which requires advanced analysis of channels, strategy, and content. Basic analysis is available through free channels, but more complex initiatives such as brand development can be complicated to evaluate, especially for short-term success.

Services for Modern Marketing
iResearch Services is more than a marketing platform; we are a complete action plan that involves research services & lead generation evolving into a solid relationship between your brand and your customers. Simply put, we are with your business from research to relationships. 

Our methodology connects your brand with customers and drives results through creative strategy, advanced technology, and detailed analysis.

We employ the following steps in marketing evolution for our client partners:
a. Thought Leadership – We begin with the human resources that every corporation has. Our processes take us through every level of an organization from senior executives on, to uncover insights, express them in various forms, and transform their expertise and experience through the revenue funnel.

b. Custom Research – At iResearch Services, we focus on simplifying the big data gathered by every corporation today into a structured form of intelligence, easily acted upon by executive-level decision-makers. The solutions we deploy are optimized for granular and strategic level information gathering, which is all-encompassing in every facet of the brand.

c. Valuable Content Creation – The research and decision-making processes result in concepts to transform into valuable content, which is meant to be shared with the wider world, through various channels including:

-Blogs and Articles – short forms to engage customers

-Webinars and Infographics – medium forms for further engagement

-Whitepapers and Reports - high-level content to form relationships and reinforce the brand as a leader in the industry

d. Digital Distribution and Leads – Our research methods continue to transform the brand marketing strategy through various consumer connection channels, cross-channel attribution, and constant lead generation for fresh audiences.

e. MQLs, HQLs, and ABMs – Distilling audiences down to market segments gives a clear definition of targets, with the reward of precisely measured success throughout the campaign.

f. Campaign Management – Through real-time analysis and a live interface, we provide an on-demand picture of success through research.

g. Data Analysis – We present key insights through qualitative and quantitative results in the form of research reports and custom presentations to your team, proving ROI for each campaign and strategy.

Reach out to us at marketing@iresearchservices.com to understand how can we help your brand become the thought leader in your industry. 

Increase Market Intelligence with Us
The fundamentals of business marketing have remained constant – make something people want, give them emotional and rational reasons to obtain it, make the experience of getting it easy and fun, and support it with a team of experts. What has changed is how to market your brand. Technology makes marketing easier and more complex at the same time. When you consider the speed and depth of change, traditional marketing practices just aren’t enough to stay ahead.

Though many elements come together to form today’s modern marketing strategies, building a brand relationship that engages customers and influences their choices is our goal for your corporation. Though rapid changes in digital marketing have disrupted businesses of every size, iResearch Services can be your partner to count on for solid research that builds lasting relationships for your brand. In combination with traditional principals and understanding of the latest technology, we include comprehensive research that results in a holistic brand marketing strategy, with the goal of building successful relationships that last. 

Learn more about how our team works and support Ipsos, Institutional Investor, HCL, Gartner, Capgemini to build their content at https://www.iresearchservices.com/contact-us/

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