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Why Webinars are so Valuable for a Marketing Pro (even in B2B!)

Why Webinars are so Valuable for a Marketing Pro (even in B2B!)

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way.

Do webinars convert?

You came with a question and I came with an answer. Yes. They are one of the highest converting inbound marketing tools out there.

I recognize that’s a strong statement, but don’t worry. I came prepared.

For well performing webinars (these stats averaged 20 thought leadership webinars), 51% of page landings on a site will turn into a completed registration. Imagine if 51% of people visiting your website signed up for your newsletter, filled out a demo booking form, or even purchased a product. You’d be flabbergasted (and I hope pleased.)

Let’s continue down the cycle. 51% of site visitors registered, but how many attended? The study shows that there was an average of 36% attendance rate. Again, that’s seriously impressive!

Now, I want to go on a brief tangent here…

Is live the only way?

Don’t worry. If you’re wondering how live webinars could possibly scale (and they can) we’ve got you covered.

Automated webinars rock.

That’s where automated, or “evergreen”, webinars come into play. EasyWebinar hits this one out of the park. You could create a hundred automated webinars with the look and feel of live, all running simultaneously and selling for you. After your initial set up, you don’t even have to lift a finger.

With behavior based marketing, you can send emails & notifications based on viewer’s interactions with your webinar. Did they register, and then not come? Did they come, but leave halfway through? Did they interact with any pop-up offers? Chat? Register for future webinars? And on and on and on…

And webinars are suitable for so many different situations. So many.

Why B2B webinars work

B2B webinars give every organization an opportunity to target and educate a particular demographic on why their corporate offerings are, frankly, the best.

Webinars are extraordinarily popular, and it’s a format that people can connect with. More than ever, social currency and trust are what drive sales and keep customers coming back.

So let’s get to it.

B2B webinars are super cost effective.

I bet your company has hired a video production team before – or at least explored the possibility. And why not? Videos are a fantastic way to make sales and generate revenue. As you likely know by now, hiring a team for a shoot is extremely costly and time consuming — especially to do it well.

Webinars are cheap. Really cheap. You don’t need much, and no one watching a webinar expects it to look like a super high value production. A $100 webcam and a computer will do the trick. You can set up automated funnels and go live from anywhere.

There are a ton more reasons, but we’re limited to 500 words here. Got your interested piqued? Want to find out more? Visit EasyWebinar today to try it for free, or come find us at Booth 1625 and get a demo!

Article was provided by: Greg Jacoby