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March 3 & 4 2020

LA Convention Center

Partner Announcement: The Content Marketing Association

We are proud to announce the partnership between The Content Marketing Association and the B2B Marketing Expo California for 2019 - we hope that the partnership will highlight the effectiveness of content marketing and encourage marketers to hone in on content marketing strategies. 

The Content Marketing Association (CMA) is the industry association for marketing, publishing, advertising and social agencies. Their overarching aim is to promote the use of content as an effective marketing tool to client marketers and showcase the channels it can be used for. They also use their experience and expertise to advise and promote brands and media agencies wishing to enter the world of content marketing, an industry that’s now worth in excess of £5bn in the UK alone.

Through their research, events, and training, the CMA’s aim is to realize the potential content marketing has for brands and encourage creativity and effectiveness. Since the organization was formed in 1993 as the APA, the CMA has been at the front of the content marketing revolution, driving the industry forward as it has evolved to become the industry it is today.

The team behind the B2B Marketing Expo California recognizes the importance behind solid content marketing, especially in today’s world where there are advertisements are everywhere. While advertising will always be a tried and true method of marketing and should be used by all business as well, having a solid content strategy allows businesses to give real value to their audience while still building their own brand and possibly even pushing a specific product. Portfolio CMO Laura SanSegundo states, “Content Marketing is what will allow a brand to truly connect with its audience. With a solid strategy, a business can communicate with its audience in a way that still fulfills marketing goals while also coming off as genuine. By partnering with the CMA, we hope more businesses will be encouraged to take on content marketing.”

We look forward to supporting the CMA with it’s ongoing objectives and welcoming it’s members and associates to our event.

If you would like to find out more about the CMA, please take a look here. If you would like to register for a free ticket for The B2B Marketing Expo California, you can do so here.