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April 6 & 7 2022

LA Convention Center

Partner Announcement: The National Association of Sales Professionals

We are excited to announce the partnership between the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) and the B2B Marketing Expo California for 2019 - we hope that the partnership will encourage sales professionals to always be developing their sales skills and to always be expanding their network with other sales professionals and marketers.

The NASP is an association for career salespeople that offers a certification program and many other exclusive services. The NASP was founded on the principles of superior sales psychology, sales behaviors, outstanding influence and leadership of the top sales executives around the world, and is now the #1 resource for sales professionals. Sales professionals needed a group to certify, organize, and develop people. It is comprised of dynamic men and women who have distinguished themselves as leaders in the rapidly changing world of sales. Those sales professionals have committed to advancing their careers and financial security by participating in NASP’s community. Their community links career-minded professionals together into a nationwide peer network. This further increases the individual's credentials, leading to even more visible stature as a Sales Professional. 

The team at the B2B Marketing Expo California recognizes how important consistently developing sales skills is for sales professionals in the cut throat environment of the sales world. We hope that the B2B Marketing Expo California serves as a place where sales professionals and marketers can come together to hone in on their sales and marketing skills, expand their networks, and discover ways to create alignment between sales and marketing teams. Marketing Director Milen Guergov states, “Sales is a highly competitive field, which means it is imperative to always be developing the skillset. By having the NASP as a partner, we hope that sales professionals attending the B2B Marketing Expo California will be encouraged to build connections with each other as well as other marketers in order to foster collaboration amongst sales and marketing in their own businesses, taking their businesses and careers to the next level.”

We look forward to supporting the NASP with its ongoing objectives and welcoming its members and associates to our event.

If you would like to find out more about the NASP, please take a look here. If you would like to register for a free ticket for The B2B Marketing Expo California, you can do so here.