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Knowing Your Brand Guidelines

The Do’s and the Don’ts of using your company’s logo for promotional products.

Treat your company’s logo with respect and make sure you are using it correctly.  A Brand/Logo is a powerful marketing tool when used correctly.  Let’s take a look at the process and what you need to know and what to watch out for.

Creating your Companies Brand Standards or Brand Guidelines

Your artist should be designing your logo to fit all types of usage and explaining how to use it and how not to use it.  This is crucial for the company that a logo gets used correctly.  Here is a checklist of things to make sure your guidelines have.

  • Full-Color version of your logo and a 1-color version of your logo.

  • Proper Colors to use for your logo imprint.  Pantone, CMYK, or RGB.

  • Explanation of what combination of ink colors to be used on different background colors.

  • Proper negative spacing around your logo keeping it uncluttered.

  • Versions of your logo in a Square, Horizontal and Vertical shape.

  • Simple Version (just the name) and a more Detailed Version (like a tagline/slogan)

Make sure the company you are working with for your branded items knows and understands how to properly use your logo.  Remember that not all products can fit a billboard worth of information on them.  You also might not realize that all products are imprinted in different methods, for example, etched, embroidered or screen printed and each has its own limitations.  We can walk you through these processes and keep you on the right track.

At Branding Merchandise, we make sure we know how our customer's logos need to be represented on branded products.  This is an important process that tends to get thrown to the waste side.  We prefer to have the Brand Guidelines to instruct us on how to correctly imprint your items for successful events, campaigns, and programs.  Let us guide you through your brand!

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