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Show Off Your Marketing Acumen With Branded Merch


  • 83% of consumers said they are more likely to do business with a company after receiving a promo compared to 6% online, 12% print, and 17% of broadcast and mobile

  • 90% of recipients recall the company’s branding compared to 30% of broadcast and 20% of print, mobile and online

  • 79% of recipients said they looked up a brand after receiving an item

  • 80% recall the company’s message

  • 70% recall the company’s call to action

  • 62% reported doing business with the presenter after receiving the item

Based on stats like these, the stakes are high on selecting the right promotion product to promote your brand, so why leave it up to chance?  Remembering these basics will help you make great decisions that put your brand where your consumers live and breathe.

     1. DEMOGRAPHIC – Know your audience.  Know what their age, their income level, and their interests.  The closer you can tie into their everyday lifestyle the more your branded product will be used on a daily basis. 
     2. GOAL – What are you trying to accomplish at this event or with this campaign?  Are you trying to get your target demographic to sign-up for a class? Are you looking to increase brand awareness?  Are you looking to establish your brand as thought leaders? Figure out your goal and tie that goal into your distribution. 
     3. BRAND VALUE – Make sure your product reflects your brand.  If you have a fresh, future focused brand don’t spend on money on last year’s best seller.  Partner with a company that can help identify next year’s next big thing so you are ahead of the trend.
     4. BUDGET vs QUALITY– If your client has a budget, stick to it but make sure you are promoting the highest quality item they can afford within that budget. 
     5. LOGISTICS – If this is an event they are flying in to then make sure they can fly home with your product.  Don’t spend money on something that will be left for the hotel staff. 

And most importantly, partner with a company that has CERTIFIED CONSULTANTS that will look at the bigger picture and keep you from common pitfalls.  They can help steer you to quality items from dependable production facilities. They will help you get your branded merchandise and apparel to your event cost-effectively.  They will look out for you - making sure your branded merch followings safety and social compliance laws.

They will get to know your brand, your infrastructure and your preferences so that they are sifting through all the choices and providing you with curated, creative items that keep your branded merchandise and apparel goals in mind.  A good partner will be responsive, recommend products that reflect your brand values and save you time and money by acting as an extension of your brand team – leaving you to soak up the praise and to collect the accolades.

*Stats PPAI Research Study


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