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April 6 & 7 2022

LA Convention Center

B2B Marketing Expo 2019 Award Winners


The B2B Marketing Expo Awards are a celebration of the marketing innovations, tools, agencies, and strategies which have made an outstanding impact on the world of marketing over the past 12 months. 

Four awards were up for grabs in 2019, and the winners were judged for their ability to make significant waves within the ever evolving industry by a panel of carefully selected marketing experts, thought-leaders and influencers. See who the winners are for The B2B Marketing Expo 2019 Awards!

Agency Of The Future - VLG Marketing 

 This award recognizes the fundamental role that agencies play in the way digital technology is changing the marketing landscape. The winner demonstrated a future-proof strategy for its clients, delivering proven creativity and innovation to generate success. 
The 2019 Agency Of The Future Award was won by none other than VLG Marketing, with its approach of combining “old school” marketing channels like direct mail and phone calls with a love of technology, digital media, apps, and data -  helping its clients navigate the swirling tides of modern business. VLG Marketing displayed its skill in unique marketing programs created and executed for its customers and for being a one-stop shop for digital and direct mail campaigns that opened doors for its clients.

Best Tech Innovation - SAM AI


This award is open to businesses delivering a marketing product or service to the B2B or B2C sector which demonstrated groundbreaking potential for change - from artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality apps, animations and video to e-commerce solutions and web-design services.

The 2019 Best Tech Innovation Award was won by none other than SAM AI. SAM AI had demonstrated the qualities of a true innovator with its CRM and marketing outreach platform that helps clients win more deals through trust networks. SAM AI showed it can humanize the software experience with voice-activated conversational AI and offer a suite of solutions for B2B companies looking to build relationships with clients through its use of SAM proprietary automation, AI, and social networking technologies.

Best Marketing Tool - Vivastream


This award recognizes the power that managing and unlocking data has in increasing collaboration and driving business growth. The winner showed its ability to provide products or services that support the implementation of new strategies, or overall relationship, asset or data management.

The 2019 Best Marketing Tool Award was won by none other than Vivastream. Vivastream showed its talents in its innovative, practical event data analytics platform which enables organizations to maximize the value of their event data, by streamlining disparate data to reveal critical, actionable customer insights. Whether it was from general marketing data, third-party event data, or hosted event data, Vivastream derived meaningful insights and delivered them in ways that were readily understood, presented and shared to its clients.

Best Offline Marketing - Featherlite Exhibits

This award was open to businesses that cut through digital noise using offline marketing tactics, technology or non-technology based. From inspiring merchandise and innovative print solutions to experiential print, 3D print and outdoor advertising products or services, the winner offered a new innovative solution or demonstrated a proven track record of success.
The 2019 Best Offline Marketing Award was won by none other than Featherlite Exhibits with its full service exhibit house that has been recognized as an industry leader in the design and fabrication of low mass, high impact trade show display systems since 1964. Featherlite showed qualities of an offline marketing guru with its wide variety of products to accommodate customers with varying budgets, exhibiting objectives as well as offer an extensive lineup of standard and custom exhibiting kits.

The B2B Marketing Awards are only beginning in the US, as next year’s B2B Marketing Expo Awards 2020 will be hosted at The B2B Marketing Expo 2020, taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center on September 16th & 17th. Mark the dates and remember that your business could be among next year’s winners!