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Partner Shoutout: Morning Brew

The B2B Expo is proudly partnered with Morning Brew, a daily newsletter that gives readers insightful information on all aspects of business. Their sole purpose is to encourage professionals and industry leaders with compelling yet easily accessible information. Whether the current events cover Silicon Valley or Wall Street, the Morning Brew has it covered to keep users up to date 24/7.

The newest installment of the newsletter is the Marketing Brew, which caters to Marketing professionals in the industry. The content produced includes articles such as “How to Get a Marketing Job?” or how the “CIA’s New Logo is a Small Slice of its Total Brand Pie”. Engaging articles that are designed to keep users entertained while becoming more informed is what separates the Morning Brew from other online publications. 

Learn more about the Morning Brew at the B2B Expo held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on April 6 & 7, 2022. Register for free tickets today!