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Optmyzr: PPC Optimization

Optmyzr is a search advertising optimization platform that gives marketing consultants, agencies, and in-house teams the tools and insights to stay in control of PPC strategies. Through search engine advertising, advertisers pay for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches for a keyword. The team behind Optmyzr are experts in this field, having been involved from the start of PPC and having worked to develop AdWords at Google. 

Optmyzer was designed to allow users to deliver results in a fraction of the time by fixing the gaps in current PPC management tools. The platform allows account managers, analysts, and strategists to manage every aspect of PPC, with no codes, integrations, or invasive changes to their existing setup. 

Once you start using Optmyzr, you will be able to create search and shopping campaigns, monitor these campaigns for actionable insights, and finally review opportunities based on industry best practices and algorithms. Customized reports will showcase your results, and allow changes to be applied to Google, Microsoft, or Amazon with just one click.

David J, VP of Paid Media for Constellation Agency, lauded the success he was able to gain with the platform, saying, “I’ve been using Optmyzr for close to six years now and they are always making things better, smarter, and faster. We started getting more eCommerce accounts and with the help of Optmyzr, we’re able to create more granular shopping campaigns that allow us to get a much higher ROAS for our clients.”

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