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Lead Forensics: Turbo Charged Lead Generation

We at the B2B Marketing Expo are excited to announce Lead Forensics as event sponsors! They are experts in helping companies transform their sales funnel with their software for turbo-charged lead generation. They report that 98% of the businesses visiting your website leave without actually contacting your team. With Lead Forensics, you are able to discover exactly who they were, what pages they visited and unlock amazing potential with the contact details of those key decision makers.

With the Lead Forensics software, you can not only identify leads in real-time, but then focus on the hottest ones to maximize your sales and marketing ROI. The insights and information that you can unlock with Lead Forensics will give your business the competitive edge it needs to never miss a sales opportunity.

They have helped over 10,000 businesses globally, from startups to massive enterprises, delivering consistent results with real-time alerts and in-depth analytics, and have received countless testimonials from satisfied clients.

Phil Law, Sales Director of Pink Sheep personally lauded the benefits of utilizing Lead Forensics, saying, “Thousands of people come across our website and leave. The beauty of Lead Forensics is it gives us a second shot at achieving a new customer. Lead Forensics tells us when a visitor has left, and gives us a second chance to get in touch with them before a potential competitor - we’re leaps and bounds ahead of our competitors.”

Learn more about what Lead Forensics can do for you and your business at the B2B Marketing Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center on April 7th & 7th, 2022! Get your free tickets today!