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Native Advertising: Subtle & Effective

With consumer habits, technology, and mediums constantly shifting, innovation in marketing is crucial to find more effective ways to get in front of target audiences. Native Advertising is one such trend that has gained significant traction within the industry because of the impressive results it delivers. Unlike traditional ads that are designed to interrupt and stand out, Native Advertising is designed to blend in with media that your audience is already consuming. As a result, Native Ads don’t come across as an advertisement at all, rather just like regular content typically provided by that publication.

Some examples of Native Advertising include “In Feed” Ads, Promoted Listings, and Content Recommendations. For example, brands on Instagram could post a Story highlighting their products, which will appear as a regular Story on that consumer’s feed, resulting in an advertisement disguised as a mundane social media Story. This type of subtle advertising is criticized by some as a risky strategy that will be a detriment to public trust, but the impressive statistics behind Native Advertising prove that it does deliver results.

When compared to banner ads, Native Ads garner 53% more user attention and 18% more purchase intent, which has not gone unnoticed within the industry, as Native Ad spend in the United States alone is projected to increase by 21% in 2021 to a whopping value of $57 billion. In a world plagued by ad fatigue where consumers are inundated with advertisement after advertisement, it is no wonder that this more subtle form of advertising is proving to be so effective.

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