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How to Master Social Media Marketing

Social media has become so commonplace in today’s society that the vast majority of businesses and professional organizations have some sort of social media marketing strategy in place. Not only is social media used by consumers to source new products and connect with brands, but it has also become the go-to source for customer service and direct inquiries. Regardless of industry, sector, or specialty, with 420 billion users around the globe, it is imperative that businesses master social media marketing to succeed.

According to Buffer, there are Five Core Pillars of social media marketing to focus on:

1. Strategy: What are your goals and which platforms and type of content will be best to achieve these goals?
2. Planning & Publishing: Maximizing your reach requires in-depth planning to ensure you have the correct timing and frequency for your posts.
3. Listening & Engagement: Thoroughly monitor engagement so that you can effectively respond to all notifications, tags, and mentions of your brand.
4. Analytics & Reporting: In-depth analytics will allow you to understand how effective your strategies are and where changes need to be made.
5. Advertising: Putting money behind effective social media advertising is a surefire way to reach a wider audience beyond just your own followers.

Overall, it is imperative to understand what your goals are and who your target audience is. Different platforms attract different audiences and different types of content see greater engagement at different times. Thoroughly understanding your goals and effectively analyzing your data is a crucial factor in establishing effective social media marketing strategies.

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