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How The Pandemic Has Redefined Marketing

Without question, the global COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on every facet of our society - marketing included. With such an impactful shift in the way the world works, there may never be a true return to “normal”, so what does that mean for marketers and the marketing industry as a whole? Quite simply, the last year of epic change has shown the importance of two things when it comes to marketing: trusted relationships and online presence.

In a recent study, the American Marketing Association identified some of the top emerging marketing strategies emphasized by COVID-19, Number One being the fact that customers prioritize trusted relationships and Number Two being that online and digital bets pay off -

Consumers Prioritize Trusted Relationships

As the global pandemic wrought havoc on many peoples’ lives, there has been a general air of uncertainty and skepticism with consumers not knowing what information they can truly rely on. As a result, trust and transparency have never been more important from a consumer perspective. According to Digital Commerce 360, 51% of shoppers now say that trust is their primary motivator for selecting who to shop with, more so than even price.

So how can a marketing agency create the necessary level of trust among their customers? HubSpot notes the Top 5 Most Effective Ways to Gain Customer Trust & Confidence:

     1. Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

     2. Share Positive Reviews & Testimonials

     3. Be Honest & Transparent

     4. Ask For & Act on Feedback

     5. Be Reachable

Online & Digital Bets Pay Off

The global pandemic and complete shutdown of traditional in-person avenues has necessitated a shift towards digital ventures. eCommerce sales jumped 44% in 2020, increasing to $861.12 billion from just $598.02 billion the year prior. With society fully embracing this digital shift, it is imperative that marketers capitalize successfully on this trend.

Not only is the digital transformation necessary, there are also several perks to transitioning away from traditional marketing efforts. Union identified the Top 5 Reasons Behind the Shift from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing:

     1. It’s Where Consumers Spend a Huge Amount of Time

     2. It’s More Cost-Effective Than Other Methods of Advertising

     3. It’s More Effective in Reaching the Consumer

     4. It Brings a Higher ROI

     5. It Opens the Door for Advanced Targeting

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