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Marketing Podcast Network

The Marketing Podcast Network is a collective of niche marketing podcasts that brings with them a highly coveted, targeted audience of marketing professionals. Our advertising network provides a unique promise to B2B brands hoping to reach marketers: They make up 100% of our audience! Advertising packages start at $55 CPMs and can include in-show or dynamically inserted host-read ads.

For marketing-related podcasts, MPN offers podcast hosting, automatic cross-promotions across 40+ similar shows, and an even split of advertising revenue for qualified, ad opt-in podcasts. Our network is set up to ignite growth for your show and your revenue.

Finally, MPN Studios offers the best podcast editing and production deal on the market. Send your raw recordings and we'll turn around professionally edited audio and basic video shows, an A.I. driven transcript, and clips for you to share on social media for one low monthly subscription fee.

To learn more, visit today, browse our catalogue of amazing thought-leading shows, subscribe to those that strike your interest, and contact us if you’re interested in advertising, joining or need help with production.