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Aaron Hart

Aaron Hart

President, Loda Enterprises Inc

Aaron has spent most of his professional life in the world of product identification, beginning with work repairing price-marking tools nearly 25 years ago. Since then, the label industry has changed drastically but his fascination with the evolving technology has never waned. With significant experience in print technology ranging from the dot-matrix and hot stamp machines of the past, to the more contemporary thermal, laser, inkjet, and RFID technology seen today, he’s a subject-matter expert in the field of on-demand printing. Loda Enterprises, Aaron’s company, is a printing distributor based in Colorado that specializes in on-demand printing. Loda distributes a wide range of brands and products, including several niche product lines that have required special development for them to be successful in their target markets. As an operator, salesman, and executive, he has served myriad industries during his time in business.


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