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Allen Ashouri: Speaking at the B2B Marketing Expo California

Allen Ashouri


Increase Profitability Using The Best Digital Marketing Practices

During this session, internationally recognized digital marketing expert Allen Ashouri will guide you through some of the best digital marketing practices you can use in your business to directly increase your profitability. Topics covered will include utilizing a conversion-focused strategy on your website to convert traffic into paying customers, some easy but effective marketing strategies to increase traffic to your conversion-focused website, and developing/establishing your brand and value proposition.

About Allen Ashouri

Allen Ashouri is the CEO and founder of EMRG, a highly successful digital marketing company that works with Fortune 500’s, multi-billion dollar companies, as well as small and medium businesses. Ashouri started his entrepreneurial career at the bold age of 13. Since then, Allen has lectured at the prestigious USC Entrepreneur and Business Schools on several occasions, and has spoken at events in front of thousands on the best practices in digital marketing and business. He is well-known for authoring the “100-Point Checklist,” a fundamental-based outline for best website practices across industries. He is well-known as an industry leader and innovator in digital marketing and business, and is a sought after consultant in this space.

Allen and his team at EMRG have helped thousands of companies grow by implementing digital marketing strategies focused on increasing profitability. Him and his team have helped many small companies break the threshold of $1 Million in annual revenue through unique marketing and branding strategies.

He also spends much of his time mentoring young professionals and giving back through organizations like, his favorite of the charities supported by EMRG.