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Anna Zakkery

Anna Zakkery

Founder and CEO of Zakkery Marketing Group

Anna Zakkery is a marketing professional with over 8+ years of executive experience.

As a female immigrant, she has moved to the US only 8 years ago, has solely founded a multimillion dollar company and managed to grow it in a short term up to 51 team members and a wide net of clients. 60+ successfully launched online courses by Zakkery Marketing group 7000+ attendees of our educational programss worldwide.

Anna Zakkery was listed in “Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs of the Year”. Zakkery Marketing Group Creates and Markets the educational online courses for the industry leaders Corporate coach and conference speaker in the USA and Europe Created the algorithm for online course launch that helps to generate up to 40,000 daily while keeping expenses as low as 25-30%.


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