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Audra Hajj

Audra Hajj

CEO Velocity Conversions & Founder of AI Augmentation Academy , Velocity Conversions An AI Augmentation Agency
Audra Hajj, a dynamic entrepreneur and renowned AI expert, is leading the charge in revolutionizing business with AI augmentation. With over two decades of experience, she is the CEO of Velocity Conversions and the founder of the AI Augmentation Academy, a pioneer in training professionals to leverage AI for business growth. Audra’s visionary leadership has transformed over 3,100 businesses, creating 34,000 jobs, and raising $380 million in capital. As the "Ambassador of Change," she empowers professionals worldwide to harness AI’s potential, driving efficiency and innovation. Join our seminar to learn from Audra’s unparalleled expertise and discover how AI can elevate your career and company.

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