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Bergen Wilde: Speaking at the B2B Marketing Expo California

Bergen Wilde

How To Sell Like A Marketer

How can salespeople be successful in the upside-down, topsy turvy sales environment we’ve seen over the last couple of years? Simple…You Need To Sell Like A Marketer! VanillaSoft’s Director Product Marketing & Revenue Operations Bergen Wilde will show you how to use tried and proven marketing tactics to outsell your competition, get one-on-one meetings with prospects, have prospects volunteer their challenges, and proactively give you permission to engage with them directly. That’s right…Marketing can save Sales.

About Bergen Wilde

Bergen Wilde began his sales career with the family flower business, moved briefly into federal politics as a campaign manager, and then returned to sales...this time to software sales. Loving the energy in smaller companies, Bergen joined a colleague’s start-up document management firm in a sales and marketing role where he discovered his true calling – product marketing. After 23 years in sales & marketing, Bergen now leverages his experience as Director of Product Marketing & Revenue Operations with VanillaSoft.