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April 6 & 7 2022

LA Convention Center

Dhillan Bhardwaj: Speaking at the B2B Marketing Expo

Dhillan Bhardwaj

Ratchet Clothing

How Authentic Brands Make Millions- Live Interview

In an age where evolving technologies seem to make marketing tactics increasingly complicated can brands achieve success by just being true to themselves?

In this interview, Dhillan Bhardwaj, who became a millionaire at the age of 16 by designing clothes in his parent’s garage will tell his story.

Dhillan’s organization, Ratchet clothing, has gained celebrity clientele including Rhianna, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift creating an engaged community on social media. Dhillan''s lessons in entrepreneurship are sure to leave you with a new perspective on how authentic brands can transform business success.

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