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Erin Hansen

Erin Hansen

Owner, Aya Sol Center

Erin Hansen, a devoted healer and seasoned educator, possesses a rich tapestry of training, including education, mentorship by Tony Robbins, and a profound calling to fulfill her purpose as a trained Shaman under a Master Andean Shaman. As a dedicated guide, Erin empowers individuals to unlock their higher selves, fostering a transformative journey towards maximum success.

Formerly an educator and trainer of teachers and entrepreneurs, Erin's evolution into consulting and coaching marked a shift towards spiritual healing. Her passion for teaching energy techniques and meditation for self-discovery seamlessly intertwines with her coaching practice, creating a space rich in natural healing methods. Erin skillfully blends behavioral science with spiritual practice. In her powerful guided sessions, Erin not only helps individuals tap into their inner power but also assists in freeing them from conditioned patterns.  

Erin's unique approach transcends the traditional coaching landscape, as those under her guidance witness not only scaled business growth but also heightened productivity. Erin's ability to remove blocks and connect individuals with their true higher power within fuels this remarkable success.

Aya Sol Center, a manifestation of Erin's visionary spirit, stands as a heart and light-centered wellness hub. It is more than a physical space; it's an inviting sanctuary for diverse communities seeking healing and growth. Erin's exceptional talent lies in her ability to unite diverse communities, aligning them with a shared purpose and vision. Through her guidance, individuals from all walks of life converge at Aya Sol Center, forging a collective journey toward healing, growth, and fulfillment.

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