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Gina Hernandez-Navarro

Gina Hernandez-Navarro

Founder & CEO, GHN Communications

Gina Hernandez is an inspirational leader focused on PEOPLE and business results. 

Her Award-winning, 22-year career as a Senior Leader in the Communications and Public Relations field has yielded proven results working with high-profile, fortune 500 pharma companies.  As an industry veteran who occupied multiple leadership positions, and thriving in multi-cultural settings, Gina has helped companies build their reputation as solid, forward-looking, well-managed organizations.  She has cultivated top teams and industry management and crafted a strong work culture to help meet changing business needs and reach optimal levels of production and engagement.

Gina has a passion for helping others. She has been the recipient of multiple Communications awards for designing top-notch communications strategies. Her mission is to transform the way companies communicate to strategically create a sustainable value for the organization, brand, and reputation.


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