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Hossein Kasmai

Hossein Kasmai

CEO & Founder, Franchise Creator

Hossein, an entrepreneur, public speaker and business consultant to over 700 companies, is considered an expert in the franchise industry. Mr. Kasmai is the founder and CEO of Franchise Creator, the world’s leading franchise consulting firm. He is also the CEO and Founder of Combo Kitchen/Combo Brands, ranked number one in category by Entrepreneur magazine and among the top 50 fastest growing franchises worldwide. Many celebrities have partnered with Hossein to start and grow their businesses worldwide.

Hossein and his companies have been featured multiple times in well-recognized publications and news outlets including Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC News, CBS News, Franchise Times Magazine, Specialty Retail Magazine, Opportunity World Magazine, INC Magazine, The Miami Herald, Des Moines Register and more. 


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