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JB Herrera

JB Herrera

Founder/CEO, Insight Driven Business

James "JB" Herrera is the visionary founder of Insight Driven. Business. He is dedicated to merging the realms of AI innovation with small business acumen. He is a business strategist with over 40 years experience. He blends the lessons of his startup expertise and his two tours of duty with Apple Inc. in a humorous yet humble way.

JB's mission is to empower small businesses to augment their practical experience with generative AI to fostering sustainable growth and innovation. His work centers on developing value-driven strategies for socially conscious entrepreneurs, emphasizing efficiency, automation, and customer service.

JB's seminars inspire a revaluation of technology's role in business, advocating for a balance between profitability and ethical responsibility; His workshops and seminars are not just learning experiences but transformative journeys that empower entrepreneurs to lead with integrity, innovation, and insight in an AI-integrated world.


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