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Jess Lewis

Jess Lewis

CEO, The Rebrand; Former Meta & Netflix

Jess is a Chief Brand Strategist elevating the profiles of brands nationwide. A vision shaper and narrative strategist uniquely bilingual in breakthrough brand positioning and scaling, she has built market-disrupting campaigns for Facebook/Meta, Netflix, Arts Centre Melbourne, and international blockbusters across a 22-year global career. For Meta, she helped spearhead the 2021 Meta rebrand, increasing brand sentiment by double digits; the monumental 2020 voter registration drive that registered 4.4 million new voters; their first-ever Olympics sponsorship; and the global launch of Facebook Watch. She additionally launched Netflix Originals globally, achieving record-breaking engagement rates by 25%.

Jess has driven rebrands resulting in 600% membership growth and personally contributed 50% of revenue in teams of 10+. She has built monetization engines for new tech products, fostered partnerships with top media outlets including The New York Times, NBC, MTV etc., and co-produced an original musical with Whoopi Goldberg (her biggest point of pride).


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