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Keynote Speaker
Jo Anna Thomas: Speaking at the B2B Marketing Expo California

Jo Anna Thomas

Transformational Change Program Manager - Oracle

Limitless Possibilities while Embracing Change

Introduce transformational change management encouraging innovation and creativity. Discuss the role of
diversity and inclusion within business operations and its importance during the product lifecycle. Share the
exponential benefits of D&I illustrating pitfalls given insufficiency. Illustrate urgency for business environments
that cultivates D&I, innovation, and creativity. Connect D&I’s impact on product development, business
processes, customer relationships, sales, and marketing experiences.

About Jo Anna Thomas

Collaborative business professional proven in enhancing organizational effectiveness and accelerating revenue growth within demanding corporate environments. Diverse experience in finance, accounting, project, and
customer experience management. Entrepreneurial change-maker skilled in leading global cross-functional teams in the execution of highly critical initiatives and driving process improvements. Engaging communicator focused on building consensus with leadership and stakeholders to drive strategic initiatives that implement positive business change. Sharing and caring is Jo’s pledge, as she is passionate and dedicated in all that she does. She takes pride in being authentically herself and motivates others to find their inner self-gratification. Her leadership by example pushes others to always do well. Jo is mesmerized by the power of integrating diversity & inclusion into the workplace to achieve limitless innovation. Currently, Jo is working to contribute her professional skills
as a Change Initiator, Relationship Creator, and Rain Maker who creates opportunities for others.