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Jon Cross

Jon Cross

CEO, All in One Email

I'm a performance-driven leader with over thirty years of professional experience in marketing, sales, and management roles, with a specialized focus on email marketing. Throughout my seventeen-year journey in email marketing, I have demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify, mobilize, and optimize resources, building strong relationships and alliances to drive successful email marketing campaigns. I am known for pioneering and executing mission-critical marketing and sales programs that significantly contribute to organizational success.


My entrepreneurial spirit led me to found three email marketing companies, successfully selling two. Dissatisfied with existing email platforms, I built All In One Email, launching it in late 2022. This platform, continually enhanced with new features, reflects my vision of an ideal email marketing tool. I enjoy engaging in projects, and in my free time, I love fishing, waterfowl hunting, attending live concerts, and savouring great food. Feel free to reach out to discuss potential collaboration opportunities.


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