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April 6 & 7 2022

LA Convention Center

Julie Ask: Speaking at the B2B Marketing Expo

Julie Ask

VP, Principal Analyst  -  Forrester

Empathetic Content: The Key To Building Lasting Customer Relationships

Dramatic demographic and behavioral changes have given rise to a new type of B2B customer, one who acts more like a digital consumer than a professional buyer. Armed with technology and access to data, these B2B consumers easily avoid engaging with sellers until late in the purchase process. Educating, entertaining, and engaging them is now a marketing imperative -- your content must appeal to their more demanding needs or risk losing out to fast-moving competition. Forrester’s Laura Ramos explores the new content requirements in customer-centered age and how empathetic content is now essential to winning buyers’ attention, serving their needs, and retaining their business long term.
Key takeaways:
B2B buying has changed fundamentally and adapting requires engaging content.
Most B2B content fails our engagement test: change this and gain competitive advantage.
Engagement is the goal; personalization is only one approach to get there.
Engaging content requires a new, empathetic mindset – four practices help you build empathy.

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