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Lori Smith

Lori Smith

United States
Lori, an accomplished C-Suite executive with vast entrepreneurial and contracting experience, managed a $128 billion portfolio during her federal tenure.
Recognized for her strategic prowess, she excels in fostering growth-oriented environments and excels in executive support and HR management.

With a diverse educational background and certifications, Lori embodies a commitment to continuous learning and excellence. At Acu-Elligent, her leadership ensures top-notch guidance, empowering clients to thrive in government contracting. Leveraging her expertise, we deliver premier solutions, driving success in the Federal Government arena.

Acu-Elligent is committed to providing integrity-driven and unbiased solutions, supported by seasoned strategists, mentors, and thought leaders.
With 45+ years of experience, she has earned a stellar reputation for navigating challenges and seizing opportunities through strategic positioning and robust relationships.

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