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Marci Bryant

Marci Bryant

CEO, SYNC Digital Agency
United States

Marci Bryant is a catalyst for digital transformation and a trusted partner for B2B companies. As the CEO of SYNC Digital Agency, she is committed to helping businesses design digital experiences that revolutionize the customer journey, boost customer lifetime value, and drive consistent revenue.

With diverse professional experiences in marketing, sales, and service across industries like telecommunications, manufacturing, medical equipment, automotive, fitness, and retail, Marci brings a unique perspective to every project.

Her expertise extends beyond the corporate realm, having hired, led, managed, and trained go-to-market teams nationally and globally. This experience allows her to collaborate directly with C-Suite executives of Fortune 500 companies and visionary owners of multimillion-dollar private corporations.

Marci is a published author who shares her insights through books, blogs, and magazine articles. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram @marcibryantmba or visit to learn more about her transformative work.


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