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Matthew Adam Smith

Matthew Adam Smith

Founder & CEO, MAS Commerce / Former Head of Marketplace Strategy, Walmart

Matthew Adam Smith is Founder and CEO of MAS Commerce—the world's first Commerce Consultancy guiding Retailers, Brands and Platforms to simultaneously increase Profitability and Sustainability through AI and Advanced Tech. He drives Commercialization as board advisor for tech start-ups Centriqe AI and Gyfthint, and is a founding member of both the Retail AI Council and the CoreSight Research AI Council. Passionate about social justice, Matthew founded CommerceCares—a non-profit uniting professionals within Retail, Marketing and Technology to drive positive change for our workforces, communities and society at large.

Since 2019, Matthew drove Walmart's Commercial Transformation as a launch leader of their top B2B innovations—Walmart Connect and Walmart Marketplace—and as creator of their eCommerce Community strategy. Within the world's largest company, he stood up 10-figure businesses that are leveraging AI to scale the quantity and quality of products available to Customers, and their experience across the Purchase Funnel.


Founder & CEO, MAS Commerce

Founder & Board Chair, CommerceCares

Former Head of Marketplace Strategy, Walmart

2024 Top Retail Expert, REThink Retail

AI Influencer, CoreSight Research

Founding Member, Retail AI Council

Board Member for Retail Commercialization, Centriqe AI

Board Advisor for Retail Commercialization, GyftHint

Board Advisor, Nufabrx

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