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Michael Cardwell

Michael Cardwell

President, Chief Creative Officer, Digital Brew

Michael Cardwell is the Founder of Digital Brew, a marketing agency specializing in video storytelling. From humble beginnings making videos with his friends, Michael went on to earn an AA in Film and a BA in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University in 2005. As a result of his achievements in the visual storytelling arena, he has since been inducted into the Full Sail University Hall of Fame.

In 2011, Michael started Digital Brew in the spare bedroom of his home. He has grown the company to a team of seventeen creatives serving clients ranging from tech startups to brands such as Amazon, Cisco, 3M, and Cisco. Digital Brew helps businesses effectively tell their stories through its expertise in video and animation. The company has won 20 Emmy Awards and numerous advertising awards.

Michael is also a husband, a father, a billiards player, an old TV collector and loves Asian food.


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