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Michael Malin

Michael Malin

Founder / Applied AI Scientist, Model Forge

Michael Malin is the founder of Model Forge AI and is ranked in the top 1% of AI practitioners on the Upwork platform. He prides himself in connecting cutting-edge research with real-world business applications.

Notable scientific advancements:

  • He wrote the first in-depth tutorial on implementing TensorFlow graph neural networks. With the assistance of top minds at Google Research and DeepMind, Michael developed the first robust framework for training GNN AI models for businesses in an automated way.
  • As one of the first consultants in LLM business integration, Michael discovered a novel way for drastically reducing hallucinations utilizing multiple “personas.”  He wrote a paper on the subject nearly a year before “multi-agent” approaches became a standard.
  • He invented the “auto-feature neural network” and later the proprietary “evolving ensemble neural network.”  These are the first deep neural network architectures to consistently outperform gradient boosted machine learning models on tabular and forecasting data.

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