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Nathan Sumekh

Nathan Sumekh

Co Founder of Virtualis, Virtualis
Nathan Sumekh is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and business leader with a passion for 
growing companies in unique and effective ways. Currently, he serves as the Co-Founder and VP of 
Operations at Legal Soft and Co- Founder of Virtualis, which significantly grows firms by providing 
wrap around support from lead generation to staffing. Legal Soft currently serves over 500 law 
firms, has 1,300 team members across eight international offices, and achieved a monthly revenue 
of $2 million. Nathan also founded Quarterly Strategies, a consulting company that helps 
businesses grow through automation, remote staff, niche marketing techniques, and rapid growth. 
Nathan is a graduate of UC Berkeley where he received his BA in philosophy and entrepreneurship. 
Nathan lives in Los Angeles with his dog Olive and attributes his hustle to being in a family of 
entrepreneurs and the child of Iranian Jewish immigrant

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