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Peter Lisney

Peter Lisney

Business Energy Broker, Utilitrack Ltd
Peter Lisney is a business energy broker at Utilitrack. “Almost every day, I speak with business owners and managers who
are worried about escalating energy costs. They’ve done the quick fixes of trying to reduce consumption but if their
business uses a lot of electricity or gas, like hospitality or manufacturing, then they can become desperate to the point of
chucking in the towel.”
Peter invested in a Utilitrack franchise just before the first lockdown so has seen energy prices follow a rollercoaster of
supply surpassing demand through to the unprecedented price hikes of the past year. Peter’s background is in marketing
and public relations, he is also a Media Operations Officer in the Royal Air Force Reserves, he lives in Bournemouth and
enjoys playing the guitar and roller skating on the promenade (but not at the same time).