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Rachel McCord

Rachel McCord

Female Founder / Executive Producer, LaunchPreneur / Bloomberg TV's 'Female Founders'

Covered in Forbes, Vogue, CNN, Glamour, and Entrepreneur Magazine, Rachel McCord is a strategist, author, TV personality/executive producer of Bloomberg Television's "Female Founders," and founder and CEO of LaunchPreneur. 

Having led innovation and education for MAGIC (the largest fashion trade show in the world) for over five years, McCord continues to help 1000s of entrepreneurs increase sales 2x (Seychelles) with the launch of the LaunchPreneur App and Ops Team of virtual assistants. 

McCord, known as a "master of branding" (Daily Mail), is a passionate leader and relentless executor who helps entrepreneurs get unstuck and off the sidelines in 30 days.

McCord, founder and CEO of LaunchPreneur, is a powerhouse thought leader. Before a successful exit in her twenties, McCord started her first company with just $93.

She went from humble beginnings in Georgia to mentoring creators and entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses.

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