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Regina Chavis

Regina Chavis

Senior Leader, IBM
United States

Regina Chavis has 25 years of business experience thanks to an early start, growing up in a family of Entrepreneurs. At 15, she was recruited to the #1 High School in the US, The School of Science and Math, which triggered her interest in Engineering. Regina went on to receive her bachelor's degree in engineering at NC State University, where her team was nationally recognized for excellence in undergraduate research.

Ultimately, it was the role of Mother, that inspired Regina to do what she most wants to teach her son, dream big! After becoming a mom, Regina graduated from the Executive MBA Program at Duke University. From there, she went on to start her own company, The Dakota Firm, specializing in strategic execution for clean energy projects. In 2019, Regina joined IBM as a Business Transformation Consultant where she leads international, enterprise transformation teams for the CIO.

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