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Richard Martinez: Speaking at the B2B Marketing Expo California

Richard Martinez

CEO and Expert in Business Development - NowRise Business

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing: Where to Put Your Investment

What is digital marketing? What is traditional marketing?

In this presentation, you will learn the key essentials for digital and traditional marketing that you can apply immediately. This training will give you tips and tricks you can apply to your brand or business today and get immediate results no matter what industry, product, or service. You will learn to convert in the digital and traditional world with the lowest investment.

About Richard Martinez

Richard Martinez is a Motivational Speaker, Personal & Business Coach, and Entrepreneur. He believes that to surmount challenges, you must identify the root of the problem and unearth your troubles. Martinez is an Expert who delivers high-energy presentations that challenge audiences to pay attention to what matters most at work and in life.

Martinez earned his Honorary Doctorate at Universidad Internacional en Desarrollo Humano y Liderazgo for his accomplishments and contributions to society. Martinez''s journey to excellence has been stoked by a passion for empowering people. He is known for advising people worldwide, reaching thousands who want to experience a radical change for a more fulfilling life.

Martinez will leave no stone unturned to fulfill his life''s purpose of empowerment. Even if he has to transform one heart at a time, Richard Martinez knows one thing—his final legacy will be nations of people who embrace knowledge and know peace.