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Tony Leone

Tony Leone

CEO, The Constance Group

Tony is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur who has worked closely with organizations to implement his sales strategies to drive massive growth for nearly 20 years. His client list spans from Fortune 500 to Global 500 companies. He is the author of Sales Minutes for Sales Masters, Co-Founder of The Constance Group, and a Certified Human Behavior Specialist in the sciences of Hartman Index, DISC, Driving Forces, and EQ.

His sales process is actively taught in over 50 countries and is responsible for nearly $3 Billion in new business with clients.

Tony doesn't just teach sales, he helps his clients win. Most Tony's clients retain him not only to coach their sales staff but also to strategize and win active business in his client's pipelines. As a result, Tony's clients retain him for years. There is no guessing here, bottom line Tony will show you what’s working RIGHT NOW.



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