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Winston T Marshall

Winston T Marshall

Executive Consulting Producer, Netflix & Genius Air Entertainment
Winston T Marshall is a Bahamian-American creative writer, director, producer and executive consultant who founded the media consulting company Genius Airlines Entertainment in 2010. Ever since he's been consulting and producing for companies like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, STX Entertainment, CBS Viacom, Warner Bros, Guidepoint, McKinsey & Co, Colman Research, Bain & Co, Atheneum, LYNK Global, DIFF Eyewear, Maitri, Manda, BroLife Music Group and more in addition to creative directing/performing at The Capital One Orange Bowl with Miami Sports Music and writing/producing content for The NBA. Specializing in multimedia entertainment business analysis and production operations with projects in development/production with major studios/streaming platforms, he can provide in-depth knowledge on the production, acquisitions, licensing, marketing and distribution process with full script to screen strategic approach.

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