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23 “Must Haves” For Your Website in 2023

17 Nov 2022

Have you already got a website, but you're not content with its performance or conversion rate? Or, maybe you're ready to make some improvements to your website to get the most out of it? Alternatively, are you interested in the latest trends/features that you could incorporate into your website? If you can relate to these questions, then this talk is for you.


Will, Founder & Managing Director of WebBox, has been working on digital projects with companies of all shapes and sizes for over 13 years. He will share 23 things that your website must have in 2023 and leave you with tangible takeaways to help you improve your website's conversion rate.


This content is always popular among marketers looking to take their websites to the next level, so reserve your space for this talk today!


This talk will be presented in a seminar format, with time for a short Q&A at the end.


We hope to see you there.