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80% of Business Owners are wrong – about everything!

17 Nov 2022

Where are you on the Money Pyramid?
80% of business owners are either broke or in an endless financial struggle.
No one ever started a business with the intention of just getting by or being broke.
Obviously, there are a number of factors but one major characteristic that is definitely missing for the vast
majority of businesses in those bottom two segments is……how they market their business.
We’re living now in the era of the professional business person.
The days when all you had to do to be moderately successful was set up your business, take the biggest ad you
could afford in Yellow Pages and rely a lot on word-of-mouth are well and truly gone.
Nowadays, to succeed, to achieve the goals that you had, you need to think differently about what it takes to get
You need to play a different game. A professional game.
Because wherever YOU are on the pyramid, if you want to move upwards, then part of that movement will be an
improvement in your marketing. An improvement in your ability to crack what we call the ‘Rhythmic Acquisition

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of Customers’.
Here at Entrepreneurs Circle, we have 7 Rules of Effective Marketing.
These 7 Rules give you a Checklist. A Roadmap. A framework.
These 7 Rules will help you get more customers, paying you more, more often.
These 7 Rules can help you crack the Rhythmic Acquisition of Customers – the holy grail of business success -
when you implement them properly.
Implement the plan and live your dream.