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A Better Understanding of Research and Development Tax Credits

17 Nov 2022

RDI Solutions is one of the UK’s leading tax incentive and innovation management advisers. With our analysts &
technical experts, RDI manage over £120m of tax incentives annually for a broad range of clients,
including some of the world’s best-known brands.

We are using this seminar to explain the whole process and how businesses are able to utilise the scheme.
Many businesses think that Research and Development doesn’t apply to them, but in this seminar we will be
discussing a range of sectors, and some examples that have helped many companies in the past.
It is a fairly long process to compile a claim, we will be educating people with all the phases that need to be
completed to put together a robust R&D application.

The compliance Is changing all the time, and we will be discussing the new rules that are coming in to place from
April 2023. These rules have been put in place to try and reduce false claims going through. We will be discussing
the importance of using a compliant R&D agent, and how you can minimise any risk when selecting an agent to
manage your claim.

We will also be holding a Q and A session for the last 10 minutes of the seminar, where the attendees can ask us any questions they like around Research and Development