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A Businesses Guide to Cyber Security

17 Nov 2022

Cyber Security is an hot topic at the moment, but many of us don’t really understand the jargon, the implications, the benefits and the importance for businesses. In this seminar I’ll try to explain in plain English what is Cyber Security, the different types, the benefits and how companies should invest in it.

The seminar will be divided into 6 sections:

  • What is Cyber Security
  • Types of Cyber Security
  • Most common types of Cyber attacks
  • Why companies should invest in Cyber Security
  • Why is Cyber Security important for your company
  • How to plan and prepare your company for Cyber attacks

At the end of the seminar I have an exclusive offer for the attendees, our FREE “Assess your Cyber Security Risk” scorecard report.

Nuno Soares, Business Development Director - TechWyse